It all started with a shirt.......


In the early summer of 2017, I decided to make a one off Beer T-Shirt to pay homage to my home province of Ontario.  I made one shirt (pictured below) just for fun, and I printed it at Freshly Baked Tee's downtown Toronto. I wore the shirt out to a few beer events and people kept asking where I got it from, and how they could get one too.  So I decided to put up a little shop tied to my Instagram account (@ataleineverypint), called Pint Size Shop.  I had one Ontario Craft Beer T-Shirt and another shirt that read "Beer + Tacos."  

a tale in every pint

The Ontario Craft Beer shirt was such a success that I ended up selling them pretty consistently.  Within a few months, I had gone through roughly 40 of them by word of mouth alone. I had something here that I could build on.  Then the unthinkable happened.  The Ontario Craft Beer design ended up getting ripped off by a so called "Crafty beer" website.  Imagine my shock when I saw the shirt that I created, blatantly for sale on another website!  I was pissed.  It felt like when a musician has their hook sampled on a huge track without clearance. An internet flame war broke out and eventually the evil company decided to take my design down.  


The rebrand.....

In May of 2019, Pint Size Shop rebranded to become High Gravity Supply Company.   I wanted to take my small success and expand in a new direction.  I read a great book called "This is Not a T-Shirt" by Bobby Hundreds. It inspired me and gave me the idea to create street wear brand that was influenced by craft beer and brewing. High Gravity Supply uses only 100% original designs, printed on premium quality apparel, and guaranteed to create conversations with fellow beer nerds.

Now, we've shipped our premium products all over Canada, The States, England and as far away as Australia.   Our new focus?  HGCO is doubling down on collaborations.  So far, we've built an entire collection with Mary Bailey, raised awareness for Black Lives Matter with Tdotdrinks, and even created a pretty badass hip hop playlist with the boys from 4 Elements Podcast.  Breweries collaborate, so why not a beer inspired T-Shirt company?


I hope you enjoy.