Mary “Craft Beer” Bailey has set her roots in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario and currently works in Licensee Sales for Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. Drinking craft beer only comes second to the exploration of breweries and meeting the people who create it, sell it, support it, and appreciate it all.

Travelling to many different countries has brought perspective to her life. It has taught her to see through all the distractions and hold on to the things that matter. That includes everyone who loves and supports her: family, friends, colleagues. And that also includes a good, cold, Ontario Craft Beer. Because at the end of the day, when she has to sit down after a long week (and write a third-person biography about herself LOL), there’s something to be said about cracking a cold one and knowing who stirred in the malt, who bottled it, and who sold it to you from the bottle shop.

She hopes the clothing seen here will remind you of these things that are so important and will inspire you to go on some beer exploration trips of your own. Stay Humble.