TASTING NOTES: Tropic Thunder Pale Ale

TASTING NOTES: Tropic Thunder Pale Ale

5.3% ABV

Appearance: Pours a rich gold with a frothy white sticky foam.  Presents with a high luminance that is just a tad cloudy.

Aroma: A beautiful bouquet of citrus and pine, with undertones of fresh cut orange.

Flavour Profile: A sip echos much of the nose with dominant citrus notes accompanied by pineapple. Its also slightly resinous and slightly piney.  lI get a sticky mouth coating aftertaste.

Overall:  A spot on American pale ale.  The best example of the style that I’ve had in a very long time. Don’t sleep on this one, it deserves a medal.

Pairing: This beer would go well with any spicy Indian dishes and soppressata laden pizza. 

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