TASTING NOTES: Saison du Pits

TASTING NOTES: Saison du Pits

TASTING NOTES: Saison du Pits

Barrel Aged Saison with Repurposed Ingredients

5.1% ABV

By Reverence Barrelworks 


Appearance:  Pours a semi-transparent pink grapefruit.  Foam dissipates quickly

Aroma:  Wild berries, rose petal, garden flowers, some funky must notes as well

Flavour Profile:  Acute carbonation, slight sourness, fresh cut grapefruit, fruity notes leaning towards tart berries. Finished dry with more berries in the aftertaste.

Overall: A fruity and floral saison that is pleasant to drink, with well rounded and balanced flavours.  Some sourness and some brett character adds depth to the profile.

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