Things are backlogged right now with our fulfillment print house due to COVID. A reduced number people running printing presses is good for employee safety but unfortunately makes lead times longer than we’d like them to be. It is for the right reasons at the end of the day but it really sucks for business and impacts our ability to get stuff out the door to you.  I won’t sugar coat it, things are taking about 4 weeks just to get orders printed right now. We’re a super small business and COVID is quite frankly crushing us for the time being. 

Going forward, HGCO will be doing smaller releases of new products, but we will be pivoting from a print on demand format, to carrying steady inventory!  Print on demand has allowed High Gravity Supply Company to get started on a shoe string budget, while we build up our brand.  However, COVID has clearly shown us that we are far too dependant on print houses to manage our fulfillment and customer experience.  We simply do not have enough of our own control over that experience from end to end.  You deserve better and we want to do better!

Thank you to everyone for having patience as we grow through these challenges, on our way to being a strong brand in the craft beer space.   As a bonus, you can use the code below and save 20% off of any order, including the Black Lives Matter Collaboration. THANKYOU20
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