Indigenous Brew Collaboration + Brewery Crewneck Pre-Order Update

Indigenous Brew Collaboration + Brewery Crewneck Pre-Order Update

Indigenous Brew Collaboration + Brewery Crewneck Pre-Order Update

Thank you everyone who placed pre-orders for the Indigenous Brew Collaboration and Brewery Campus Crewnecks!  The bulk orders have been submitted to the print shop on schedule, and we have received our first update today.

If you purchased a Brewery Campus Crewneck in Heather Grey, those have all been fulfilled and shipped within record time.  In fact, excessively faster than we initially projected. 

Our Indigenous Brew Collaboration and the black version of the Brewery Campus Crewneck (both use the same black top)  are going to be delayed due to a supply chain issue. Unfortunately, the high quality product that we use for our blanks is backordered from the manufacturer, and we are still waiting for the inventory to show up. We have been told that production delays are due to a smaller workforce (to ensure covid safety protocols of the workers) at the manufacturing level. We were given the option to switch to different shirts for the order, but the quality of the other products --the way the material holds the print, quality of the cotton and the origin of those blanks— simply do not meet our standards.  We do not believe in low quality goods or cutting corners just for the sake of doing so.  High Gravity Supply Company is committed to producing quality goods and we would be doing ourselves and you, our customers, a disservice by making such production sacrifices which result in an inferior product.  Thank you for sticking with us!

We are now currently on track to have everything printed and in hand the week after Christmas, barring any further delays.  In saying that, we understand that some orders may have been placed as Christmas gifts.  We would never want to put anyone in a position where you are empty handed for that special someone, so if you would like to cancel your order due to this fact, we completely understand and we're more than happy to accommodate.

Please send an email to Chris at, if you need to make any arrangements, and we will be glad to help!

A follow up email will be sent when the next update is available, as well as an announcement around the charitable donation to Thunder Woman Healing Lodge.

Thank you for your patience and support!

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