FROM THE CELLAR: Each Beast a God

FROM THE CELLAR: Each Beast a God



Inaugural Release, Cellared 1+ year

BY @thirdmoonbeer

Double Stout with Coffee

8.5% abv


This gem of a beer has been gracefully aging away in my cellar now for a little over a year.  Fresh, this hefty stout is an epic tribute to smooth chocolaty flavours and roasty coffee notes.  This is the inaugural release of Each Beast a God, and also one of the first beers released by Third Moon Brewing.  Cellaring has done this beer wonders as you'll read in the tasting notes below.  Enjoy.




Pours a thick and opaque black with a mocha brown foam.  Its appearance is reminiscent of an espresso. 



The first thing that hits me is rich and smooth dark chocolate.  There’s a slight sweetness to it and a slight roasty character as well.  I’m presuming the roast comes from the coffee.  There’s also a woody cherry flavour buried in there that I start to pick up as the beer opens up.



A sip of Each Beast a God is bold and refined.  This beer has definitely evolved and mellowed out over time as expected.  I get deep dark chocolate notes with a rounded and smooth malt character.  Carbonation is on the lower side but enough to elevate the flavours and still leave a relatively clean finish on the palete. The booze is well hidden behind a wall of deep and dark flavours. I still pick up that roasted note but I’m not sure if its from the coffee or the malt. Maybe a combination of both?



This big stout is right on the money.  There’s a LOT to like here with a scaled down complexity that focuses on dark chocolate and roast flavours.  I think the only thing that could possibly elevate this beer even more would be barrel aging.  Whiskey specifically, maybe rum?



Dessert baby!  It’s freakin’ pumpkin pie season bro.  A glass of this beside a slice of the hearty orange stuff is a small piece of heaven.  The pumpkin flavours perfectly compliment the chocolate found in Each Beast a God.  Pairings don’t need to be complicated, they just need to word. 

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